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Secrets to a Picture Perfect Santa Session

Plan Ahead to spend a little time preparing your kids


Schedule your Santa Session as far in advance as you can but hopefully at least a few weeks ahead of time. This will give you more time to talk to you kids about Santa, maybe watch some movies with Santa or show your child pictures of yourself with Santa. Describe him in happy terms and use positive words like "friendly" and  "he can't  wait to meet you". Don't say, "Don't be scared" or "He's not going to hurt you" because they may have never even thought of that! 

Please, don't Bring Santa Your Tired and Hungry Masses!

It's kind of common sense but tired, hungry children are no match for Santa or your photographer. Make sure that bellies are full and they get to bed at an appropriate time so they are "Santa Ready". If your scheduled appointment is between meals then offer a small snack on the way there or just before you walk out the door. 

Find an Experienced Photographer & Santa

Going to a photographer that has experience with children and working with a Santa is key. Often mall Santa photographers are not professionals but rather temporary help hired by the mall for the season. They are usually over worked and not really interested in capturing your child's natural expressions and moments. Its a 1-2 minute sit on Santa's lap - take a quick pic kind of experience. Children who may be anxious or scared are not going to cooperate - especially after standing in long boring lines. And how can you blame them...thats no fun!

Skip the Mall and Go To The Great Santa Experience, of course!

Leigh W Photography has been photographing  "The Great Santa Experience" for the past three seasons and is super excited about this year. The Great Santa Experience makes seeing Santa fun again....after all, it's where the Magic Happens! Your children will be so immersed in conversation and activities that they won't even realize that its a photoshoot. Sessions are 20-25 minutes long and allowing plenty of time for children who might be anxious to warm up and participate. In fact, most clients return year after year because the experience is just so magical! And the best part is that your images are natural organic moments that will be treasured for a lifetime. 




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